Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vicki's Secret

So everyone has been asking me where I purchased my Strong Shoulder Jacket and of course price is always the next question!!! Well I ordered it from Victoria's Secret for $99.50. I love it and it fit just how I thought it would. I bought a small, (6), and clicked on the checkout button. The above picture is me wearing, now, one of my favorite jackets in my closet. The beautiful doll to the right of me is photographer and friend Melanie Joy Wilson. So if your in the DC. Maryland, Virginia area please hit her up for a shoot.. www.melaniejoyphotography.com.. Also here is a copy of the link for the Strong Shoulder Jacket... if your interested!!! <3 D.D.

"Strong Shoulder Jacket" (ON SALE)


  1. I love this jacket! Anything strong shoulder is hot! I'm loving this whole blog Disa. It has a really urban vibe :)

  2. Thanks Vivi... I hope one day I can have you as a feature on here...Your right anything strong shoulder is hot. I love this jacket...can't get enough of it... <3 D.D.