Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beauty Secrets SHHH!!!

            It's been a while since Ive posted anything new!! Today's post is about my BEAUTY SECRETS!! Let's talk MAKEUP!! For all of you ladies out there who are new to the Makeup scene I will try my best to give you all the best tips!! No.1 I always get questions like "How do you find the right foundation?!! I can never get my skin to match my foundation!!" Answer: There is no perfect match so here is what I do: I use a lighter foundation and then a darker powder, or vice versa!! The powder should either be a shade lighter than the foundation you use or if your using a lighter foundation the powder should be a shade darker!! In this case I use MAYBELLINE SUPERSTAY FOUNDATION and L'OREAL TRUE MATCH POWDER!! I suggest these two because its smooth and doesn't have that cake effect!! 

 Now onto blush!! The safest blush I recommend is MAC Raisin!! You can use this blush with ANY look!! Which brings us to the shadows!!  For my eyes I try to keep it natural as well!! I experiment with different eyeshadows! I'll give you my favorite brands in the next post which will have a tutorial. Another trick.. People always ask what highlight or shadow I use for my brow bone!! Answer: None! I actually use concealer!! Concealer is a great way to highlight your brow bone without it fading throughout the day!! If your darker use a very light concealer on the brow bone to give it that pop!! 
             On to eyeliners, mascara, and eyelashes!! For eyeliner the best to use is REVLON COLORSTAY for the waterline as well as the top! 

The best mascara is L'OREAL VOLUMINOUS. It makes your eyelashes long and thick!! I never leave the house without it!! Seriously!!

For eyelashes it depends on the occasion but if you are on a budget I suggest to try a beauty supply store.. Eyelashes can range from $1.99 - $10.00. ( Will show in tutorial how to apply).These are just a few of my makeup BEAUTY SECRETS that will have you looking flawless in no time!! Hope this was helpful to you!! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask or leave a comment!! STAY TUNED for the video tutorial!! DONT FORGET TO SMILE :) 

Cheers & Love,
D. Dandridge 


  1. Love Love Love. Thank you for the tip about the light foundation and darker powder. I never knew you could do it visa versa also! Cool. And I will def give that L'oreal a try. Should I use a primer for an even smoother look? And I love love love my Revelon Colorstay; will that be ok with the true match powder by L'Oreal? Thank you for this Blog.

  2. yes you can!! you can also use a primer!! i rarely use it but the best to you use in my opinion is MAC!! i use REVLON COLOR STAY eyeliner!! IT IS THE BEST definitely makes your eyes pop!! Well i mix the loreal powder and the maybelline foundation it works well!! you can always mix and match as long as its similar in tone!! No Problem!!! thanks for sharing and thank you for the idea!! ;)

  3. Smiling! I see/hear u Ms. Dandridge-muah! #DopeDameDynasty

  4. I see how you where your makeup love it!!!!! I. Love how you do your eye makeup. What and how to go that.

  5. Thank you darlin!!I will be doing a makeup tutorial today and you will see how to apply the shadows as well give a it a nice but natural smokey effect!!